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Thu 26 Feb - 12:30 by Akira

Game Type- Vrrpg
Release Date- January 06 2023
Blood- Yes
Pain- maybe
Location- Frey- pronounced as Fray- A world that is in war, Where your actions will affect the outcome of the 2nd game Nova_League of legends
Races- High Elves, Light Elves, Wood Elves, Mountain Dwarfs, Catacombe Dwarfs,Human,Half-Elf,Halfling, Dragma, Half-Orc, Orc, Gnome, Techknow-Gnome, Nuke-Moors

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Izanagi Games_General_Updates

Thu 26 Feb - 12:37 by Akira

This is for things that don't have to do with any games at all.

The Lost Ages: ZNN

Sun 21 Feb - 14:05 by Akira

The Lost Ages: Is a game where your put into a post apocalyptic Earth set in the year 2012- The apocalypse has only began 1 week ago, so the world is still in chaos- The governments still somewhat stand and are doing everything in thier power to combat the outbreak but when the world ends it ends fast-
The game features
Takes place all over the Earth
No User interface
Bladder system
No lvl …

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Distopia: Kami News

Sun 21 Feb - 13:55 by Akira

"The basic premise is an alternate future where a failed scientific experiment releases something called the "Kami no Ryuushi", or "God Particle". When coming into contact with that particle, certain humans will develop superpowers, turning into a being the world now calls Kami. These Kami decided that they wanted to rule the world, so they started killing off all …

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Important-Announcement 11-12-2015

Thu 12 Nov - 22:33 by Akira

So Everyone, as of this week, we at Izanagi will be doing updates on all our games every 2 weeks. What this means is,

1: instead of something small we can give out larger better qualitied updates to you guys.
so ie: Nova update this week- shark- untextured- then a couple days later i got the textured version posted- well that wont be happening again unless on rare occasions (we hope)

2: by …

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B.o.T News

Thu 26 Feb - 12:35 by Akira

Boltz of Time has a Steampunkish type of feel that goes into time traveling and split realities. A young warrior whose Kenjo that is close to Oda Nobunaga( real history here folks) has been sent out to bring back info on a strange anomaly. The player must choose his warriors to go discover this anomaly in the forbidden forest of which none owns. A rip in the fabric of space appears in a strange …

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