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Black Widow Company


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Black Widow Company

Post by crazykidsbite on Sun 1 Mar - 18:18

The B.W.C. is a guild promoted to help build towns, players, and advance through the gates. We are an up and coming guild to promote team work and helping out your fellow player, we have an warrior honor system in our military ranks, but in the social system we have socialist economy helping players at any point but keeping everyone equal. We usually get together every weekend and do dungeon runs and allow our warriors to keep items but spread the gold with fellow players. Hope you guys join us we're currently consisting of 40 players in our community and hope to grow our numbers into triple digits. Very Happy
(Right now our coat of arms are in the works.)

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Re: Black Widow Company

Post by Shadrixt on Mon 2 Mar - 3:14

...40?... would that explain the sudden increase in population? Im guessing you would all be friends irl in that case? or mostly

Guilds? Not for me... I don't operate under another name in-game...

Party-up anyone?

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Re: Black Widow Company

Post by GOD on Mon 2 Mar - 9:32

Black Widow Company (BWC), I suggest that you form a guild page on the guild forums. This forum is built mainly for recruiting, and giving yourself an official guild page will make you more official.

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Re: Black Widow Company

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