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Best game idea evar

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Best game idea evar

Post by Snakez29 on Sat 10 Jan - 18:29

Okay, so we start off with a cutscene of people living their lives.  No elves or khajiit, no super powers, no nothing.  Ordinary people.  But those are just npc's.  In fact, the whole world is inhabited by npc's.  Then it shows heaven and hell, with angels and devils (the two choices for races) fighting one another indirectly.  But the devils purpose is to tempt the npc's into leading bad lives, while the angels purpose is to stop the devils from tempting them.  Devils can basically do whatever they want, but angels will be more restricted.  For example, devils could probably make use of causing accidents that kill people to affect npc's while angels could never kill anyone, and both devils and angels could probably force an npc to share inner thoughts that they have about others (like professions of love or something)(this provides a bit of imbalance in favor of the devils, but that will be corrected by this next part.)
On the other hand, devils need to get npcs above a certain level of evil for the npc's to go to hell.  But if they don't, the npc's go to purgatory and are basically just waiting to go to heaven as in some Christian beliefs.  That would mean devils had to put more work in, providing a bit more balance.
Npc's inner thoughts and pasts could be available to players and would have to be like in watch dogs (randomly generated bits of information that can be used to help players or maybe just have a laugh) and could be unique to each npc.  Each server would have the same world, but maybe have different npc's (IE there might be a Mr. Johnson in one but he be replaced by a Mr. Smith in another)

This game would only have to take place in a small world the size of maybe a city and have teams of maybe 10 (or more depending on how hard it is to tempt/save an npc) and would be about the same length of a civilization 5 game or something.  So basically, long games, with large teams, and a large map, but still smaller than SAO and if they're making SAO then this would be do-able.  Any ways, there might be private servers or random matchmaking.  

I don't mind if this idea never comes to fruition i just had a stroke of inspiration after seeing this new thread and remembering the anime Highschool DxD which i recently watched P.S. the anime is fantastic so much fanservice lol Laughing
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Re: Best game idea evar

Post by Shadrixt on Sat 10 Jan - 19:53

i liked the idea of having the watchdogs call,message,info idea being implemented

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